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A.I. Apocalypse

A.I. Apocalypse - William Hertling Hertling has got a rather good story to tell with A.I. Apocalypse and I recommend you grab this book to read on a nice quiet afternoon. The character development was top-notch, and aside from a few points I thought some of the characters were going off the rails (and by this, I mean I got invested in the characters and thought they were making bad choices, just like a real person), it was a really good read. The tech was written in a manner that allowed me to stay engaged without having to slog through a lot of explanations (I'm more technically inclined than some) but there was enough that a less technically proficient reader would have no problem understanding what was going on. Nicely balanced, and not as easy to write as you'd think.All in all, a well done effort. I'm looking forward to more books from Hertling.